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Haven't been on in forever. Really proud of this :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce:  Drawn in FireAlpaca

Credit to any poses used in other fanart and Toby Fox for Undertale
A silhouette of a gently rocking cradle cast onto the the wall in the moonlight. PonyVille was still and quiet, except for one little newborn. The whimpering young mare flailed her hooves under the thin blanket as her father, a small, scruffy stallion named TinkerTool, desperately tried to calm her down. "SteamCog, it's ok sweetie, daddy's here for you", he whispered, stroking her fluffy mane. Thunder suddenly clashed outside; rain pummeled the dusty window; lightning flashed, momentarily lighting the room. It was filled to the brim with all kinds of kooky, steam-powered inventions like engines, mobiles and a pair of tear-stained, rusty shoes crammed into the corner. SteamCog wailed louder. TinkerTool scooped her up and rocked her gently, whilst turning on the copper mobile that was suspended over the cradle. Eventually, the gentle, twanging tune of the mobile sent little SteamCog to sleep. She was settled into her cradle, and the stallion began to creep towards the door. "Goodnight SteamCog." He murmered. "In the morning, your daddy will be right here for you." The oak door made a soft creak as a shut behind him

Energetic brown hooves thundered across the hardwood floor, as a little filly raced towards the door. TinkerTool stepped in the way. "Woah! Slow down sweetie! What's the big hurry?"
"I'm starting at Miss Cherilee's school today, daddy! Don't you remember?" TinkerTool mopped his sweaty brow and pondered. "Oh yeah! Now I remember, but first, I want you to take this" He galloped up the stairs. SteamCog waited for a moment. Soon, her dad reappeared, and in his hooves was a battered-looking top hat. Goggles wobbled on the brim of the hat, held together with some sellotape, and a clock,(still working), was glued to the front. But best of all, little clouds of steam puffed out of a small hole in the top, creating a small white trail behind it. Yes, it was patchy, filthy and stank of rust, but SteamCog didn't care. To her it was like staring at a pot of gold. TinkerTool plonked it onto her tiny head. It drooped dramatically over her emerald-green eyes. She pushed it back so that it lay neatly over her golden mane. "I wore that hat when I was your age. Your grandpa made it for me. But now I want you to have it SteamCog." SteamCog smiled brightly, but glanced out the window anxiously. All of the other girls were wearing bows and tying their manes into plaits. "I love it daddy, I really, really do and I will treasure it forever but... what will the other girls say?" TinkerTool knelt down on his thick knees, and stared straight into SteamCog's wide eyes. "Listen sweetheart, if any girls tease you, or make fun of you, or insult you in any way, you need to stick up your nose and say, "well, I don't care what you think!" You got that sweetpea?" his voice was driven with a very serious, but also gentle tone. "I will daddy! I'll show those punks who's boss!" TinkerTool chuckled. "That's my girl!" he patted her lightly under the chin and kissed her forehead. SteamCog charged out the door and across the valley, yelling her goodbyes.

When she was gone, TinkerTool got back to inventing. As he screwed and wound and tinkered,(of course), something caught the corner of his eye:the rusty shoes. Slowly, he trotted towards them. He picked one up and gazed into it, his reflection barely visible with all the rust covering it. His hoof ran itself across the smooth edges and bumpy patterns. "She's gonna be just fine, Ash", he whispered, before putting it down and continuing with his work...



United Kingdom
Just a girl that wants to share some art online. Just a hobby, not a career :). My favorite animal is a red panda and my favorite colour is blue


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